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Chippy Pickins operates under the belief that great design ultimately makes the world a more interesting place to live in.  

No matter the style or colors, new or vintage - design is personal and ever changing. 

If you have a collection you love, mixing old and new pieces, your home will reflect YOU and will be unique and original!

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Who... What... Really...

Our main decor love is very eclectic - chippy, old, fun and retro with a few new pieces added in to showcase! But we love and appreciate all types of decor.

The Offield Gals each have their special talents. One is a fabulous cook and painter, while the other is a Texas Master Florist.

But one common theme runs through! We love color and design. We find such inspiration in seeing all types of color, unusual design techniques and decor.

Judy, Tamara and Tiffany (Mom and her 2 daughters) have the most fun in the THRILL of the hunt for the vintage goods! We get to be together and do some digging for the best treasures! (Really, we get to have a Digging Party and watch Tamara pull her antics) !!!

We are natural peddlers by birth! Our Granddad Offield would be so proud of our Pickin’ and Peddlin’ abilities! The eclectic look runs deep! Pretty sure he was one of the original dumpster divers!

Our family made sure we grew up using our imaginations.  From seeing designs and forms in the clouds, summer skits, imaginary radio programs, mud pies and designing dream homes for our barbies.  It has been the foundation for the items and designs that we offer today.

Hope you enjoy spending a few moments of your precious time with us each day.


Did You Know?

We purchased the Old Bob Hooper Motor Company Building. 

You might know it better as the Champion Sign building!  It, evidently is famous by it's own right.  Many a picture has been taken in front of it!  So much so, we had it retouched and sealed this summer just to make sure it will be around for your future pictures!!

There is an emblem on the building naming it the "Nash" and it just so happens

to be on the corner of 7th and Ash Streets......

So....... we now lovingly refer to the building as The Nash on Ash!

And now... after much anticipation...let the renovation begin!!!

We are now knee deep in replacing a few windows (just a few at a time) Whew! 

That is a HUGE job!!!  Also, a little painting, a little of this, a little of that!!!! 

We are so excited and hope to be sharing more about the progress soon!!!!


Every month rain or shine, our beautiful downtown has the 2nd Saturday event! 

For more information - there is even a website!!!